Antibacterial Alcohol Spray

75% Alcohol Spray

Antibacterial alcohol sanitizing spray is used to kill the germs or anti-bacterial on various kinds of objects.

  • Killing 99.99% Germs, Antibacterial

  • Volume: 60ml, 100ml, 400ml

  • Material: 75% alcohol

Sanitizing Spray is portable, people can carry it to anywhere. It can be used on skin directly. Also it can spray to the object like clothing or door handles.

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Product Feature

1) To help decrease bacteria on the hands that can potentially cause disease.

2) Kill 99.99% harmful bacteria within just 15 seconds, and preventing the spread of many common germs.

3) Softens the skin without any sticky residues.

4) Without demanding any water, antibacterial hand sanitizer gel makes sanitizing quicker and easier, no matter when and where you are in need.

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