No Contact Forehead Thermometer

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Quick and easy to use, forehead thermometer allows people to take an accurate reading from even up to 5cm away without any body touch. It’s a perfect way particularly to take child’s temperature without disturbing their sleep.

  • CE Approved

  • Measuring Distance: 2~5cm

  • Measuring Range: 32℃~42.9℃

People can also accurately take a temperature through using the more traditional forehead touch method. What is more, this digital thermometer is proven clinically accurate when used either way for all ages.

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  • Model No.: WRK-002A
  • Measuring distance: 2~5cm
  • Measuring range:32℃~42.9℃
  • Measurement accuracy:±0.1℃
  • Display resolution:1℃
  • Storage ambienttemperature:-25℃~55℃ RH≤90%(Non condensing condition)
  • Operating ambient temperature:10℃~40℃ RH≤85%(Non condensing condition)
  • Power supply: DC1.5V*2(2AAA7#)
  • Unit:℃ degree
  • Electric quantity display: Low battery prompt
  • Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown without operation within 20 seconds
  • Product size: 70mm*38mm*143mm
  • Packing dimensions: 125mm*54mm*195mm
  • Outer box size: 125mm*54mm*195mm
  • Product weight: 77.5g
  • Enclosure: Instruction * 1, certificate * 1

Product Feature

  • Smart three color backlight reminder
  • One button to restore and any key to turn on
  • LCD digital screen, it is clear and easier to read the displayed information
  • Infrared rapid temperature measurement, avoid contact with the skin
  • Two temperature modesare available, Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale,for selection
  • Offeringthe function of sound alarm of high body temperature

Product Assembly

6 Primary Steps To Make Your Qualified Forhead Thermometer

1. Automatic injection
2. Prudent surface mounting process
3. Fine assembly and inspection
4. Products testing & calibration
5. Well-done package

CE Approved

In order to protect the manufacturer info, here we keep the name of factory which making Forhead thermometer as confidential, all of details will be shared after your inquiry.

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