ICU Ventilator

Medical Ventilator

ICU Ventilator is primary used for first-aid respiratory or anesthesia respiratory,etc. Normally it’s installed on the ambulance or other wrecking cars. It is also used for portable environment..

  • CPAP、APAP(Bi-level)

  • Pressure range:4~20 cmH2O

  • Pressure accuracy:±0.5 cmH2O

The product is a pneumatic driven and electric controlled and time switching ventilator on the principle, is mainly used for post-operation resuscitation, drowning, toxicosis, electric shock, sudden stop of heartbeat and respiration, and etc.. It can also be used for patient with acute respiratory failure.

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Treatment mode:CPAP、APAP
Pressure range:4~20 cmH2O
Pressure accuracy:±0.5 cmH2O
Time-lapse boosting:0~45min
Alarm protection: face mask fell alarm
Power:100-240V,50-60Hz DC 24V

Automatic altimetric compensation:3500m
Automatic altimetric compensation
USM air circuit system: ultra silence air circuit system
PCM: noise removal technology
3A self adapting frequency adjusting technique

Product Feature

1.Maximum inhale pressure 30 cmH2O, with separate humidifier, better humidification.

2.With ST and target tidal volume mode settings.

3.Fast rise time.

4.Normal inhalation intensity, respiration rate is 54 times/min, and each exhalation triggers the ventilator perfectly. Easily keep in Sync.

5.Real-time SPO2 monitoring.

6.Good synchronization with big flow.

Product Using Method

  • Put the headgear down triangle and place the black self-adhesive side up, and insert the mask into the upper side.
  • Put the mask onto the appropriate position of the head and fasten it with the headgear.
  • Put the lower side of the headgear into the buckle of the mask and fix it.
  • Adjust the position of the upper and lower headgear and the forehead pad so that the mask can fit the face better.

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